Civic Organization Ukrainian Federation of Esports
was found in 2016 by like-minded enthusiasts, who strive for the development of Ukrainian esports and are going to make Ukraine a leading esports center in the world.

Our goals:

The main goal of Federation - is the development of professional and amateur esports in Ukraine, especially the most popular disciplines - DOTA 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike etc.

It was the Ukrainian team to become the first winner of the most prestigious DOTA 2 global tournament - The International, and we strive to maintain these champion traditions and assist to raise up more generations of talented Ukrainian esportsmen, who would defend the honor of Ukraine in international tournaments.

Key directions of development:

- Development of Ukrainian esports infrastructure;
- Search and engagement of the big business, sponsors, partners, and like-minded people for creating new opportunities to form, train and develop Ukrainian teams and to improve their competitiveness:
- Defense of interests of Ukrainian esports and Ukrainian esportsmen at the national and international levels;
Development of regulations and general rules and control of their observance;
- Conduction of professional and amateur competitions;
- Implementation of diverse educational projects for the professional development of workers in this area.

The President of UFES - Ivan Danishevsky
Ukrainian University Open 2018
Ukrainian University Open 2018
First All-Ukrainian Tournament among students of institutions of higher education.
Non-Stop Energy League
First in the world DOTA 2 tournament in the turbo mode.
CyberStar League
The biggest DOTA 2 online-tournament.
CyberStar Academy
Professional academy of online-streaming and commenting of Esports disciplines.