DOTA 2 is a remake of famous Warcraft III custom map DotA Allstars by Valve Corporation and Icefrog — anonymous developer of original DotA. DOTA 2 was the first esports discipline with the prize pool more than $1.000.000 at The International 2011. The richest esports professionals are players of DOTA 2, who won some of The Internationals which hold every year at summer.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a remake of legendary Counter Strike 1.6. Initially, the community gave the cold to the new part of the popular shooter released in 2012 so a lot of players stayed loyal to the Counter Strike 1.6. However, since that time everything changed a lot.


League of Legends is the most popular game in the genre of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with a huge base of players all around the world. The grand final of the biggest annual tournament Worlds 2017 had 100.000.000 viewers. There is no game in the world, which can boast of such a significant audience. Riot - developers of the League of Legends, created a developed esports infrastructure, which includes local national Leagues and impressive diversity of potential sponsors and investors. Riot even pay salary to their players if they show worthy results in the tournaments.