Ukrainian University Open 2018

600+ players. 67 institutions of higher education.

Ukrainian Federation of esports (UFES) in partnership with Student's Sports Union of Ukraine and the Committee on Physical Education and Sports and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine organized the first All-Ukrainian tournament for students in disciplines of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. More than 150 teams from 67 universities and 23 cities among different corners of Ukraine participated in the competition, and only four best teams got into the LAN-final, which was held on November 16, 2018, in the main building of the National University of Physical education and sports of Ukraine.

"Ukrainian University Open 2018" started with a press conference on the reality and perspectives of esports in Ukraine. To build the worthy future with equal opportunities for all, where you can make your hobby a job and contribute to the growth of economics, the president of UFES, Ivan Danishevsky, decided to bring this issue on the agenda and called both representatives of governmental structures and traditional sports for a long-awaited discussion. The list of guests included representatives of traditional sports Sergiy Lagur - president of Ukrainian Tennis Federation, and Anatoliy Brezvin - the president of Ukrainian Hockey Federation, representatives of educational system were rectors of the leading Ukrainian Universities and a representative of esports industry, as it was mentioned before, Ivan Danishevsky - the president of UFES.

At the conference participants shared plans to launch professional training projects at the national level discussed opportunities for the young generations and to end of it even those who weren't involved in the esports were eager to watch the Ukrainian University Open Tournament.It lasted for 6 hours with several breaks for contests and brainstorming about DOTA 2 and LoL. Winner of DOTA 2 became a team "New team 123" from National Ukrainian University and a winner of LoL was a team called "NAU EDA" from National Aviation University. After rewarding we discussed further tournaments of UFES and were really inspired by reviews of guests and players. There is so much potential of esports in Ukraine to be realized and we are ready to do it! See you at the next tournament.

CyberStar Academy

Academy of streaming and commentary of esports disciplines, where we train young and ambitious professionals to meet the demands of the audience and highlight gaming and esports content that is generated now in the world. Students of the Academy receive a unique opportunity to study completely free. We use the classic approach to the structure of the course: many practices, work in the "live" and communication with the audience.

CyberStar League

The first and the only project of the systemic approach of Ukrainian business to esports, which took place with the support of the national mobile operator Kyivstar.

Non-Stop Energy League

The first in the world DOTA 2 tournament in the TURBO mode.

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